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A new online community targeted at musicians and songwriters.
A place where you can communicate, share, support and promote each other and in doing so, help yourself.


We are creating the opportunity for all artists to be heard.



Do a random search to find someone new, you pick the genre.



See who is performing anywhere in the world.
Check out the Artist before the performance.



Check out the latest clips and share yours to showcase talent.



Our new connect feature allows you to easily find a musician, studio or band to collaborate with.


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Your a legend Joe, thanks for your participation and support

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Thank you all so much for connecting with me here on the awesome Million Dollar Riff! :) I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music! Thanks so much for your support! Love, Joe

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Lyrics: You think you can't do anything You think that you are done You think it is not worth it But even you know you're wrong Know you're wrong So, why cry over the same lane When you know you…

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Lyrics: All the things that are bright Looks like they have a life And they are fighting hard To stay alive It's like a light of hope And you will never know If you will never Fall down 'Cause you…

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Last Day to enter the competition and voting opens tomorrow, good luck and thanks for the support $1000 Prize, Free to Enter, You Decide the Winner!

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Million Dollar Riff | View Image

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The countdown is on last 2 days and still plenty of room 136 songs $1000 prize and free to enter.…

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