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The Netherlands 

I am Becky, I originally come from Wales/England but have now lived in The Netherlands for a little over 2 years. I'm not anybody special, I'm just a simple and down to earth person. My music making began as a hobby that I became obsessed with, I feel I have a natural affinity with music just because I allow it to express how I feel. While I still have the ability/capability to make music then I will continue to do so, it's crazy because I am constantly having ideas and am sometimes able to compose a few tracks in 1 week. On a personal note, I make music because it is something I feel passionate about, I don't personally make music to make money, (for me) money is not the foundation or the most fundamental reason for doing it, of course it would be nice to be noticed or spotted and earn money for doing something I'm crazy about, but I think it would be stupid of me to hang all my hopes on it and in the meantime I won't quit my day job!!

I am a member of Music2Deal.
I am a member of the Songwriters Guild. (GISC) (Guild Of International Songwriters and Composers)
All of my work is Copyright Protected by the Songwriters Guild.

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