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Competition FAQs


How do I enter?
Register with MDR (as an Artist) and then visit the competition page. Read the requirements and terms, prepare your materials and simply follow the entry process. You will also be required to select a 45 second sample of the song for the first round of public voting.

What is the entry fee and how does it affect the prize?
Entry is free and you can submit up to two songs. A single prize of $1000 AUD will be awarded to the winner.

Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit. However, entrants who are under 18 need to provide parental/guardian authority. Download and complete a consent form and email it to [email protected]

How many songs can I enter?
You can enter as many songs as you wish. Entry fees apply for each song entered.

How do song genres work?
No particular style or genre is being sought; just a great song. You can enter your songs under one of the select genres listed. Voters are encouraged to listen to all genres.

Why do I have to register before entry?
A profile is central to the competition’s online configuration. It keeps your entry information, uploads and activity (voting statistics etc) in a secure location.

I'm not confident providing financial or personal details online, how can I know my details will be kept safe?
MDR operates under extremely secure conditions. We outsource the financial transactions through Paypal to ensure your information is handled though a secure server.

I’m having trouble submitting my entry
For questions or tech support, contact us on [email protected] Please contact us before the entry close date so your song can be accepted.


Will MDR or anyone else own my song if I enter?
No. You will retain all rights to your song. MDR may use your song for promotional purposes but only if it’s for your benefit.

What if I submit a demo recording, or my song isn’t quite complete yet?
We recommend that you enter a good quality recording, so the song’s components (such as melody and lyrics) can be heard clearly for voters (see below). It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure submitted recordings (in respect of each entered song) are complete and playable. The entrant will authorize this upon agreement to the terms and conditions.

Does it matter when I wrote the song?
Your entry song can be something brand new or something written years ago.

What if the song’s had commercial success or other public exposure?
This is a songwriter competition to encourage and expose original or unseen work. You can enter any song as long as it hasn’t previously had prominent commercial airplay or any extensive exposure.

What if my song is co-written or co-owned by a publishing company or third party? What approval do I need? Can we all enter?
Songs must be entered by an individual who has contributed to the song writing. It is the individual entrant’s responsibility to obtain any applicable and verifiable consent from co-writers, publishing companies or third parties, before entering the song into the competition. This entrant would be deemed the sole winner and is responsible for any eventuating prizes, to be divided accordingly. The entrant will authorize this upon agreement to the terms and conditions, to be confirmed before any prize money is issued.


How does voting work? How is the winner determined?
Voters will judge a 45 second sample of each entry song, anonymously. In the last weeks of the competition, finalists will be determined by the highest number of votes (descending). Finalists are based on the top 10 songs but we embrace the possibilities of a few extras, in the event of a tie. The full length versions of these songs will be revealed for final week of voting. The results will be totaled with the first round of voting.

How will my song be judged?
Voters will be encouraged to judge a song by its song writing merits, such as melody, composition, lyrics, originality and creativity, and not how it was recorded. However, bias cannot always be avoided. We recommend that you enter a good quality recording, so the song’s components can be heard clearly.

Will feedback or statistics be provided?
As this competition is judged by the general public, we cannot provide any feedback. However, you will have access to all of your competition statistics via your Artist profile. Voters will be able to see the songwriters they liked. This gives you the opportunity to interact and grow your audience.

Will favouritism be given to established songwriters or any other groups?
No. Entries remain anonymous until voted upon.

Can my entry be disqualified in any way?
Yes. This is an ethical competition. You have a responsibility to behave appropriately at all times and your entered songs or materials must be respectable. We encourage creative freedom. However, there are standards that need to be respected as outlined in the terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read and understand them.