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Original and unique! Dance Down On Main Street is a potpourri of sound!

Very genre!
Watched your latest video..nicely compiled visually..and your swampy vibe musically is infectious..well done Ms Ravenfire for carving your own niche. from the expat Aussie in the USA, Paul.

Totally love 'Stone Cold' totally dark & terrifying! Great lyrics, awesome vocal performance & you just gotta love that hooky chorus... gets right inside your head.
Peace, love & respect from Ireland,

Slow It Down, very urgent tune, raw and sincere vocals, cool guitar work!

Ravenfires Bio...

Producer,singer,songwriter of dark,earthy, raw sounds, my music is my passion, to create, and share to anyone who may take the time to listen. I have a wide range of music genre, but all with my raw original spin on each and every song. I have learnt to appreciate music for all it has give me, to tap into a deeper part of me, to tell a story, to share with others and to connect.
Enjoy the ride! x

Its all about the music!
Please if you like my music plz comment and share :):)
Also please don't forget to check out my newest video called "Welcome To The Party" :) &" Dance Down On Main Street "On my main reverberation page.

Enjoy! :)
Ravenfire's Reverbnation website,

Looking for management to keep the dream alive

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