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GEELONG, Australia

First and foremost I am a songwriter...I play a little guitar, a little Bass, a little less keyboards and stretch the vocal chords to glue it all together, more or less!
Structurally the material meets the crossroads of many genres with plenty of hooks and melodies for the listener.
I guess my growing up in the sixties helped a lot. Genres and styles were not as segregated as they are today.
I first learned the guitar in 1963 when Surf Music and the Mersey Sound took me on a wave which I'm still on today.
Even though I write both the lyrics and music from time to time I do collaborate. Always happy to hear your comments and always willing to collaborate with lyricist or musicians.
And If you live in Australia and like my music ask your Community Radio Station to play it. All stations now have access to a limited number of my songs that have been approved by Amrap/Airit.
They also have access to 3 Christian cross-over songs... Feel The Fire... Say The Word and Follow me...


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