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Montreal, Canada

Altamina is an indie/art-rock/alternative band based in Montreal, Canada with members from Quebec, USA and Australia. The band is currently comprised of Marco Gervais (guitars, backing vocals), François Graham (keys, vocals), Roxanne Miller (bass, backing vocals) and Matt Davis (drums). Altamina originally started as a project of Marco and François in 2012, both members of the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic.

The band initially released an instrumental/electronic 14 track album in 2012 called “Silver landing in a barren land” under the stage name Altamina. The band was joined by Montreal's Roxanne Miller and Australian Matt Davis in 2014, who then spent more than a year locked away together writing and perfecting new material. Recording their 2nd album at Hotel-2-Tango in late 2015 with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade…), Altamina added deep, lyric-driven baritone vocals and instrumental work that paints a vibrant soundscape and draws the listener in.

Their album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” was released on June 11th 2016 to an overwhelmingly positive reception, generating a buzz in Canada, across North America, and internationally.

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