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Fort Wayne, United States

I am a freelance Poet. and a Gospel Lyricist, freelanced, as well... so, altogether I have been writing for more than 30 years now.... I am a Canadian, who is partly made up of Celtic and of Barvarian background. Basically, all of my ancestors are from several countries throughout Europe plus Spain as well, my hometown was Toronto, Ontario Canada, Aye, I be Canadian, eh? We live in the United States, been away from Toronto for 21 years now ...I am a TV Producer, I've already 334 shows under my belt and there is more I am planning on doing in the near future... my show is called "Patty's Page" and I also, host it.
Interests Music, lyrics, poetry,
Favorite Movies Musicals, documentaries, science and science fiction, Times of Old, Biblical movies, esp. about Jesus Christ... the real Jesus Christ, not a cult one, The Ten Commandments that had Charlton Heston in it and Ben Hur as well. One of my favourites is Wall-E... a well-done animation and sweet, as well.... loved Avatar.
Favorite Music Gospel, Country Music, Lawrence Gowan who is with the band Styx and the band, Styx itself, REO Speedwagon rock band, some classic rock and roll music, Glen Campbell, Anne Murray, mostly Canadian singers, Gordon Lightfoot, the Rankin Family, Ronnie Hawkins, Rita McNeil, Robbie Robinson and the Band, plus Jeff Healy who is deceased but he had played a decent guitar and was a wonderful singer and we truly miss him. Shall also miss his unique talent for sure, I enjoy Sarah McLachlan's music too, also Dolly Parton, Martina McBride and Reba McIntyre.. and of course, LaWanda Romaros, who sang my first demo/song, and the famous Canadian singer, Patricia Conroy, the singer of my second song. God Speed... I have new friends who are members of a studio band who are called MacArther and MacVaine and featuring Stanley Straube plus they are from the Netherlands, Stanley sang my third song... been writing lyrics for my spoken songs, sung by me... have other singers sing more than 9 songs.


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