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Artist :: Adriana

Jazz Blues Soul

Melbourne, Australia 

Writing my own songs has opened up a whole new set of experiences. I love the process of words and story-line coming together and marrying them to melodies and tempos that convey a certain "vignette", a little tableau of life.
I am currently on to my third album of original songs, incorporating songs in English, Italian and a touch of French.
My songs broach all kinds of themes. Many facets of love and all its nuances and in these songs I like reaching into the emotional language that I feel is needed to portray the feelings I'm trying to convey. I like putting topical subjects into songs, sometimes with a comedic touch as in songs like "Animal Farm", "Social Media" and "Ring Ring", to hard hitting topics in songs like "Please Don't" and "What's The Matter with Man".
I enjoy exploring a range of styles, again depending on what feels right for the song with varying delivery styles on the lyrics.
Writing love songs for a mature audience is something that I felt has been overlooked, for those that appreciate the journey of life experience and that love doesn't stop, no matter the age.

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