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Artist :: Paul Blissett

Rock Pop Country Jazz Blues

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Canada

Paul Blissett
Guitarist/Instrumentalist/Label Owner (PMB Music)/Recording Artist/Songwriter/Producer
Paul Blissett is a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and developed an interest in instrumental music and the versatility of the guitar at an early age. It was an instrument that could generate the intensity and power of rock, interpret the beautiful melodies of popular songs and reflect the essence of the blues.
Paul released the instrumental albums, Fire and Soul (2007), Guitar Christmas ( 2010) and Luna in 2012. The albums continue to log air play with a number of Canadian Radio/cable stations. I am currently in production work for the next two albums; another Christmas album and a regular album, yet untitled.
Further information about the artist and the albums is available at


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 10:27:19
Really dig the sounds and tunes in here Paul - Excellent 5/5

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-02-18 07:47:29
Good on you Paul and Liam, great to see differnt generations connecting through music, respect.

Paul Blissett

2015-02-18 05:39:11
Greetings Million Dollar Riff team and Liam Blake. Thank you for the positive comments and best wishes.

Mr. TinTin

2015-01-19 06:34:09
Love Slinky Blues! Very creative arrangement and a very well rounded tone to the track overall. will be listening to more from you!

Million Dollar Riff Team

2014-11-06 23:28:03
This Guy can play and it would be great to see Paul live, great music Paul.
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