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Melbourne, Australia

In 1984 Tony met Kathy Watson and Paul Koszyca, in Adelaide, South Australia,
The band was named Mudmen. Resulting in prolific writing and a few gigs.
Paul left the band a year or so later, while Tony and Kathy kept writing and recording.
1991 Kathy and Tony worked on a country/western swing repertoire, as 'Saltbush and the Timewasters' untill 1994,
recorded "Tony Nirta - Mudmen" for release in 1995.
In 1997 the second release "Love Saltbush"
The album "Path" , was recorded between '98 - '99
This album "Mysterious" was recorded in Adelaide, South Australia between 1999 - 2000, then spending 3 years accompanying the 'Tutti Ensemble' Choir in Brighton , South Australia
2004 - 2006 was spent on another project with 'Sunyata/Salter/Nirta' progressive Jazz influenced with heavy rock .
In 2007 Tony produced an instrumental cd,
'Residents' while living at Dunmoochin, in Cottles Bridge, Victoria.
2008 saw the completion of another instrumental cd, 'Speechless', this time under the Mudmen name.
2009 was time for 'Mysterious' to come out, alot of the songs were recorded as far back as 2000, with the full line up.
2010 was time to complete the 'Silk Road' and release it.
Oct 1st. 2012 and the second Sunyata/Salter/Nirta cd is about to be released, named 'May - June '94' recorded as a stereo mix, a very mellow jazz style recording.
2015 saw the latest album release, 'Loose Ends' by Mudmen, with a new line up,
Currently Tony and Kate are writing the next album... and also gathering older recorded archives for mixing , this will be ongoing, so I hope we can have a couple more albums from the early line up in the near future, we'll keep you posted....


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