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Artist :: Afro Rap, Hip hop


Douala, Cameroon

Afro Rapper, Singer and Song writer Agbor Romeo Ndip, who you will know better as Agbor Zion, is the Main Rapper Of GudLifeMuzik Enter10ment. Initially, he was a part of the Kicy-J Gang in North West 2012. After the members of the group went their own separate ways, A-Z Also Known As "StrongHeadPikin" met Levis Ray (Ray Boi) a year after in the South West Region and was introduced to GudLifeMuzik. With no album release, A-Z has the expertise guide to his inspiring freestyle, with words play and rhyming. The stylish and upcoming Cameroonian "StrongHeadPikin" as some fans call him, is getting famous for having a laid back approach to his career even with no album release.
Early Life:
Agbor Romeo Ndip, was born on March 19, 1989 and grew up in the Long Street neighborhood of Tiko, South West Region. He was born when his mother, a laborer, was about 20 years old. His parents divorced when he was 5, and his mother Permanently left the family. A-Z lived with his father and stepmother for few years and left for his grandparents after he had his first school leaving certificate. As day goes by, A-Z gets older and decided to know about her mother's whereabouts, which is the outcome of today's Achievement. A-Z attended G.B.H.S Tiko (Lycee Bilingue de Tiko) but was at that time a Football lover , where he gained most of his fans and goes by the Nickname "Deco". A-Z later attended Longla Comprehensive College (LCC Mankon) for 2 years and moved to City College of Commence, (CCC) Mankon.


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