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Zuzanna is a Polish singer/songwriter based in Montpellier, France. She was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1983. Coming from a musical family, the sound of blues and music from the 60s is the soundtrack to her younger years. She starts singing from a young age with her father on the piano and attends a music primary school and an arts high-school. Her mindset is considerably broadened when she enters an exchange program and spends 6 months in San Antonio, Texas where she discovers the gospel choirs which are still a strong inspiration for her to this day. She then studies Jazz and stage music at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. During this time, she plays for Polish band Riff-Raff, appearing on the local scene and developing her song-writing and stage skills. She also attends another exchange program and spends an Erasmus year in Oulu, Finland. Driven by curiosity for this fascinating country, she decides to further her musical education in Finland, at Helsinki Metropolia University, where she studies singing at the pop/jazz department. Inspired by the beauty of the nature and the gentleness of the people, she starts writing songs. She wins the audience prize at the Ourvision Song Contest. The adventure gathers pace. In 2010, she meets her French husband Charles and moves to the south of France with him in 2012. This is a turning point for her as she is no longer a student and dedicates all her efforts to her compositions and making a living out of music. She sings in an a-capella vocal group, Cheeky Groove, and leads a jazz quartet that plays on the local scene. Her new family owns a holiday house in the heart of rural France. Zuzanna spends several weeks alone in this bucolic setting with her piano and computer preparing material for an album. Now all she needs is support to turn the dream into reality.


Million Dollar Riff Team

2014-11-06 23:04:59
Also if you want to sell your music, there is a button that needs to be clicked, edit the song you have uploaded.

Million Dollar Riff Team

2014-11-06 22:57:42
Beautiful Music Zuza, can you put some more up???
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