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Artist :: Dirty Rascal


Melbourne, Australia

“Life-affirming… this is songwriting to stir the soul… these Rascals are sounding mighty
fine.” Jeff Jenkins, The Music.
DIRTY RASCAL offer something fresh and bright to Australian music, galvanising audiences
with their songs and their sound. The stellar lineup includes:
Andrew McSweeney (Midnight Hunting Crew) and
John Fleming (Scared Weird Little Guys) with
Jerry Speiser (Men at Work)
Andy Dixon rounding out the crew.
With a brilliant lineup of songs by Andrew and John which explore love and life with an incisive
intelligence, the Rascals live set is performed at the natural frequency of A432Hz
generating a relaxed, uplifting experience which encompasses rock, pop, country, blues
and more. Rich with vocal harmonies and a driving rhythm section the Rascals musicality
permeates every song. Their clear connection with an audience is a tribute to the level of
experience and expertise in the band.


Mark Gardner

2018-05-07 07:59:40
Wow what a great band saw these guys rockin out at Sooki Lounge Belgrave! Love the well versed harmonies and awesome songwriting and arrangements from Andrew McSweeney ! "Be A Lion" destined to set these guys on radio ! Rockin! 5/5!
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