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Artist :: RON DADEY


Central Texas, United States 

Why the songs on this page sound like they do...
My influences are many... from Beethoven to Hendrix, from Hank Williams Sr. to Ozzy Osborne... from the Beatles to Pink Floyd...
Needless to say I am a very open minded listener and am influenced by all genres of music. My take on music is that limiting what music I listen to as well as create by genre would be to confine the creative process....
The song or piece of music created should be able to stand alone regardless of genre... the true gems in music are the pieces that transcend genre and stand the test of time....
Have a listen to not just one; but many and hear these influences within the music I have created for you my friends...Much more to come!! I love sharing with you wonderful artists and listeners.... you are the reason I do this!!
Much love and respect to you all... please feel free to crank this up!! Wayyyyy Upppp!!


Million Dollar Riff Team

2018-10-03 23:48:12
Glad to hear Ron, enjoy the site and be cool :)


2018-10-02 21:32:33
Still setting up my page and checking things out here.... so far so good.... ;-)
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