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Artist :: Neo Relic

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Melbourne, Australia 

Neo Relic, the Melbourne based progressive rock band who are making the old, new again. Influenced by the likes of Periphery, Porcupine Tree, Caligula’s Horse, Soundgarden, Opeth, etc., their music is driven by their roots in both progressive and modern metal music as well as the heaviness of grunge. Whilst the band is still actively headlining shows across some of Melbourne's most iconic venues, they are hard at work on their highly anticipated debut album release.
NR are fronted by the dynamic powerhouse vocalist, Deanna Curulli. On guitar, Phillip Voulanas and Josh Kilinc share the rhythm and lead roles with a great emphasis on melodic and chordal harmony. The bottom end is driven steady by Brendon Rofe on drums who has formed an integral part of that signature NR sound.

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