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Artist :: Alexander Sparinsky

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Kiev, Ukraine

Composer, Musicologist, the author of music of more than 55 shows, performances, festivities, entertainment programmes, musicals, 35 films (incl. animation), more than 150 songs (for children; choral, pop, rock, folk, etc), 196 instrumental pieces, author of a lot of articles devoted to music, musicians and culture. Producer of a range of the Best Ukrainian shows, artists & acts.

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Emily Daye

2016-10-11 12:02:13
Love your sound! It's really awesome :)

Million Dollar Riff Team

2014-11-06 22:53:45
Awesome stuff Alexander and great photos, get a photo up on the Artist page. Great to hear the timing is good for you and Ukraine, Tell your friends to get creative and put something up.

Alexander Sparinsky

2014-11-06 13:31:52
Timing for Ukraine! Welcome to look and appraise some of my audio works...
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