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Artist :: Arthur Payne


Kansas City, United States

Singer/songwriter, publisher, CEO of Dreamin’ Out Loud, LLC, a Christian Entertainment Company & Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Recording Company. Publisher, Video Producer, Internet Radio Station Owner & Talk Radio Show Owner.
Publisher of the entertainment bi-monthly magazine “MACKIE”.


Arthur Payne

2021-12-04 08:28:32
2014 release .."Rough Day" can be found here...

Arthur Payne

2021-12-04 08:07:47
Keep up with Dreamin' Out Loud...

Arthur Payne

2021-12-04 08:04:11
Learn more about Arthur here ...

Arthur Payne

2021-12-04 07:57:40
Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment Returns...
Read more about it here...
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