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Artist :: C squared

Dance Electronic

Los Angeles/Pittsburgh, United States

C Squared Entertainment consists of two producers; Christopher (Chris Mack) Mackuliak and Christopher (SkyKross) Bailey, hence C Squared. The two produce records that sell across the world by capitalizing on the demand of the listeners and capturing their ear with catchy melodies and powerful composition that manipulates their minds and bodies. We firmly believe that we compose original, unique, cinematic Electronic Dance Music as well as Hip-Hop and R&B that can be appreciated without compromising commercial appeal.

C Squared Entertainment strives to provide a multifaceted product with the intention of affecting as many audiences as possible in a positive and progressive way. They create beats that are exceedingly distinguishing yet appealing to the general audience and highly marketable. C Squared incorporates captivating visuals with music capable of alluring the ear regardless of musical preference. They encompass both the image that attracts consumers as well as the music that a wide range of people desire.

The company is passionate about maintaining an open-mind and an un-biased musical perspective in order to continue moving forward with the demands of the industry of the arts. C Squared constantly reaches out in many directions in order to pull vast fibers into the creation of highly involved and extremely dynamic beats that have the potential to serve a multitude of purposes, i.e. film, commercials, and movie trailers.


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