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Cleveland, TN, United States

With years of experience and vocal training, Kristin has given her life to perfect her instrument. As a child she was given the stage and stunned crowds with her powerful, yet calming voice. After High School she knew she wanted to pursue higher education and that no other path would leave her more fulfilled than training herself in her passion. Kristin went on to earn a collegiate vocal scholarship and was given the opportunity to sing in multiple countries around the world such as Ireland, England, Wales, Bahamas, and Mexico. After graduating from Lee University, she had the privilege of being apart of of the prestigious Chattanooga Symphony Opera Chorus.

As a teenager, Kristin found herself struck in the midst of tragedy. Her life was turned upside down with news that her father was diagnosed with Cancer. A short three weeks after his diagnosis, he was taken to be with the Lord. Before he left her however, he imparted wisdom that will forever be engraved in her heart. “No matter what happens to me, God Is Still God.” After this tragedy, Kristin's mother went through a period of deep dark depression. Not only was she left with the emptiness of losing her father, she now had to deal with the after effects of her mother's struggles.

Attempting to cope with the devastation of her fathers death and mothers trials, she had no other place to turn other than God. Through the wisdom of her father, and the strength of her Heavenly Father, Kristin was able to use this tragedy to strengthen her faith and hope in the Lord.
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Cudda Brown

2014-11-14 03:40:20
great music.....

Kristin Rader

2014-11-10 01:17:11
The music of contemporary Christian recording artist Kristin Rader will be featured throughout the month of November on the debut artist showcase program “Up Close.” “Up Close” is a new program from KBAT Christian Radio and will spotlight the music of an artist for an entire month. KBAT Christian Radio is a division of DOLERN Media. Listen for Kristin on KBAT’s new program “Up Close” all month throughout November starting Monday, Nov 3rd. Visit Kristin at:

Kristin Rader

2014-11-10 01:13:36
Kristin is the new artist of award winning Kansas City, MO. based indie Christian recording label Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment...
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