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Pop Dance Rap R&B

Miami, United States

Qwanis Fowles, proud husband and father of 4 sons, was born in Miami, Florida. Being the often times rambunctious child that he was, it didn't take long before everyone in the county of Dade would know his name. He grew up greatly influenced by the women in his life. From his Aunts on his Mother's side to the Grandmother on his Father's side that he considered a second Mother.
Unfortunatley, he did not live with his Mother but saw her on a regular basis. When the two of them were together they were able to communicate about any and everything without restrictions or sensors. This loving communication enabled Cudda to express his feelings verbally, then transfer them to paper by writing stories, poetry, and soon to be hit records. It was a great feeling and way to express himself but little did he know that his expression would become his passion. From producing rap artists with Slip N Slide to ghost writing for RnB, Rap and Pop artists. Cudda Brown is a sure fire way to get that next hit record you're looking for.

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2015-03-01 07:57:15
You tough bra your tracks killing! nice delivery...

Eclipse alias Ingrid Smith

2014-11-14 21:40:34
Great songs and a great voice, love your selection
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