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Artist :: Samille Johnson


San Bernardino, California, United States 

"The Musical Biography of Samille Johnson"
It all started at about thirteen, this young vibrant young boy from
Dallas Ft. Worth Texas, began this musical journey.
At first it was undecided on what instrument it would be especially since
his main roots were gospel, blues and r&b.
Samille began playing Cello at age 13 in the junior high school orchestra
and eventually took interest in an instrument much larger and robust.
Bass, yea that was it, It had a big beefy sound and much bigger then he
was and that was all he needed to stand out since he was so short.
In those earlier days Samille played the local club scenes in Dallas Texas
and eventually to the big stage with local bands opening for touring groups
like the Commodores, Barkays, The Chilites and many others.
Heading west in the 90s he hooked up with Gap Band guitarist Jimmy Macon.
Samille later moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and began working with Billy Preston
in the studio sharpening his production and arrangement skills.
In June of 2003 Samille headed to Tempe, Arizona to the Conservatory of Recording
Arts & Sciences and graduated late 2004 as a professional audio engineer.


Million Dollar Riff Team

2014-12-01 23:05:26
Beautiful work Samille, thanks for joining the MDR community. With you we can make great things happen.
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