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Las Vegas, United States

Rich has worked as solo trombonist, over the years with numerous name
The Tommy And Jimmy Dorsey Bands,
Les & Larry Elgart And their Bands,
Woody Herman, Tony Pastor, Johnny Long
Clark Terry's first Big Band performance at
the legendary Half Note June 10, 1967
Tito Puente, at the Monterey Jazz Festival, September 18, 1977,
and many others!

He has the distinction of being commissioned by the late Larue
Brown, to write the lyrics to a song that her husband,
the legendary jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown had written for her, shortly
before his demise.
"La Rue", of all of Clifford's compositions, is the only piece that was a
collaborative work, although posthumously!

Over the years Rich has
achieved several hits, most notably a platinum song,
"Boogie Woogie Woman",recorded by the Dutch group
"Livin Blues"!

Thanks to his Mother, the late Helen Pulin, Rich received
3 years of private theory training in high school.
Two additional years of composition were added in college,
and he was on tour for over a decade, which prepared him
for life as a studio trombonist, and also to focus on writing
quality music!

Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Chair Early Childhood Music, John Hopkins University, said this of Rich:
"Mr. Pulin has witnessed and been part of the development of jazz education in
the United States. Most notably as the principal trombonist in Clark Terry's original jazz big band, he lectured at the University of South Carolina. Mr. Pulin also devoted time to the students of classical music theory at the University of South Florida, 'constructing a bridge' from classical to jazz theory and illustrating, by analyzing examples of his own music, the similarities."

Rich Pulin has recently perfected an early-childhood jazz history program, which he plans on launching the 2014-15 school year...

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