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La Valle, United States

I have been writing for about 25 yrs. and have had many of my songs recorded by indie artists. Recently I've gotten into composing, arranging and sound designing music as well. I love creating songs, and enjoy lyric writing, esp. in the country genre. I have cowritten with many great writers. My catalogue goes back around 2000. The songs here with no year behind the title were created from 1999 to 2004. I currently have a lot of my older stuff as well as newer being played as environmental background music overseas. It is my hope that ppl enjoy my music. Newer songs will have year created after the title. I also produce instrumental music for TV/film cues. I enjoy playing w/ sounds and creating something unique. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my songs.
June 2015; Composed an Ancient Mayan Civilation music theme for a mobile video game.
- Biography - Tragic Side of Fame & Hot Famous and Forty
- MTV's Catfish The TV Show & MTV Suspect
- Monica Stevenson Photography Food Reel

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Marilyn Oakley

2015-01-07 01:09:35
Thank you, MDR team. I appreciate your comments very much. And thanks for the gold star. :o)

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-01-06 05:39:29
Hi Marilyn, thanks for sharing so much of who you are with us, it is fantastic and you get a Million Dollar Riff gold star for be brilliant. I wish nothing but the best for you in 2015!!!
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