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Raleigh, United States

Bianca M. Broyles-Désmore, AKA B~Unique.

Founder and President of
“It’s My Own Record”
Bianca M. Broyles-Désmore is a forty-one year young songwriter from Germany, with more than one hundred songs across 6 genres and a very moving Christian musical.
Never being taught how to play an instrument, she decided to teach herself how to play the piano. After waking up one night with a tune in her head she decided to compose that melody no matter what. Only two weeks later her first song, “Wash My Soul” was created, and Bianca knew right then and there that God called her to write and compose music. “Wash My Soul” soon landed her a name in the local churches in 2001 and she was asked to provide songs for Christmas specials and other events.

Being a songwriter of empathy, Bianca has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although her roots are firmly placed in contemporary Christian, she draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is Unique...I can write a score for Mission Impossible one minute, and compose a European techno song the next, while the lyrics of a musical are roaming around in my head… lol”, she says.

After surviving a major Tornado and two hurricanes, she considers herself a blessed survivor and with a positive outlook on life. “If anything, it made me stronger. And the experiences of these events have influenced my writing to a much more selfless flow and content”, she humbly states.

Currently attending Full Sail University to achieve her Bachelors in Entertainment Business, she says: "You are never finished matter what age"!
With this kind of attitude and the raw talent Bianca. M possesses, her future looks quite promising!


Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-01-07 02:20:28
Beautiful work, B-Unique, let us know where you re from and we may be able to connect you


2015-01-06 18:41:42
Please note guys...I am a songwriter, not a singer. So many of my songs are sang by actual vocalists. Songs like "I am who I am", and "Here I am Now" are sang by me because I did not yet find the right person to perform the songs. If you know someone...Contact me :-)
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