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Creighton, NE, United States 

Autry Chapman: Professional Performing musician since 1962. Has appeared on stage in 13 casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Traveled internationally performing Classic Country Music; Appearances on Austin City Limits and Austin Connection; house band for the Holiday Inn in Branson, Mo. for 3 years. Session work in Nashville and Branson, as well as other states in the USA. Primarily a vocalist, instrumentalist and arranger and not a song writer. Enjoy working in collaborations with good writers and other performers.

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Autry Chapman

2015-03-10 18:42:16
I love performing--vocals and instrumental--but haven't written much original except instrumental. I create all my own instrumentals with virtual instruments, programmed by sampling keyboards. Vocals not doctored.

Autry Chapman

2015-01-22 12:36:00
Thank you, Luis. I wanted to give credit to Darrell for his excellent vocals and writing. This is the type of artist that I support. I've been a professional musician for many years, and now at 72 I am so happy to be able to collaborate. Just FYI, Darrell doesn't even perform in public (yet), but I am trying to showcase his talent. It's easy to do what I do.

Autry Chapman

2015-01-19 19:09:38
This is a Western Ballad written by Darrell Savage and arranged by Autry Chapman in a collaboration. Vocals: Darrell Savage Acoustic Guitar: Darrell Savage Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Dobro, Fiddle: Autry Chapman Arrangement: Autry Chapman Unusual use of Latin Salsa Drums and a little Bluegrass Rhythm, plus fantastic vocals by Darrell Savage and a great storyline make for a potential hit.
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