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Artist :: Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier


Rancho Cordova, United States

Charley delivers an authentic and polished (Gut-Country Sound) in the studio as well as during live performances. Over the years he has worked with such talented musicians as Classie Ballou based in Waco, Texas; the late Sherman Evans who was also based in Waco; rerecording engineers / musicians Danny Levine and Justin Tapp @ Tequila Mockingbird recording studio in Austin Texas; 'top of the line' dobro/lap steel/guitar player Cindy Cash Dollar and guitarist Lonnie Atkinson, both also based in Austin, Texas; and San Francisco's very own top blues/sax man, DJ and vocalist Bobbie Spider Webb. Charley also worked extensively in the recording studio with steel man and lead/rhythm guitarist Terry Christofferson, band member and former musical director for the late/great Buck Owens and The Buckaroos!


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 10:30:12
Cool Work Cahrley Waco/Buffalo Soldier. Really dig the sounds on here! 3.5/5 WELL DONE! Loving the hint of Sax!

Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier

2015-02-10 17:48:49
Luis Thanx for the positive feedback;

Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier

2015-02-09 19:46:53
Howdy To All! I'm Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier. I love to write, Sing and play good old-down home-Gut Country Music and I want to share this music with the world! Please feel free to contact me! Ya'll Take Care Now, You Hear?
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