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Artist :: Dimax Love Melody

World Music

choco, Colombia

DiMAX Cantante colombiano nacido el 23 de mayo en Quibdó Choco, la costa Pacífica de Colombia.

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Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-02-20 04:37:52
Dimax is all class, I might not understand the language but he can sing and that i understand.

Dimax Love Melody

2015-02-10 16:03:08
thanks ..any help to get it every where i apreciate

Dimax Love Melody

2015-02-10 03:39:46
i want the chance to show you my music… click on it and tell me if u like it or not..god bless you

Dimax Love Melody

2015-02-10 03:32:49
salsa urbana… choco represent
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