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Artist :: The Ball Boys (Family Band)

Rock Pop

Melbourne, Australia 

We're a band made up of 4 family members (Dad & 3 sons), a true family cover band that play on a need to basis, but are open to offers of gigs.
We have all equipment required to put on a show & we consider our rates to be quite reasonably priced & our range of songs / genres very good as well.
We've had regular gigs around Melbourne (Victoria - Australia) for a few years, but at present are in a bit of a "holding pattern", as not sure on the direction we all want to go in.
The song uploaded is one that was written by a friend that we were all part of his old band in the past (so you can hear what we sound like), but the family band has other songwriters & have written a few more songs that we hope to upload soon.
Hope you enjoy this one.

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