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Cape Town, South Africa 

My name is Jackson REED '' CASSIDY '' I was born in the Northern Cape, in the city of Kimberley, South Africa . Born from the koisan Tribe . I am a musician, song writer, composer and producer, I also grew up in a musical back round and composed my first song at the age of 11 years old. In the late 70's and early 80's I recorded my first hit single ''Summer Love '' in 1984 and the second album in 1985, in 1986 EMI music released a compilation of seven smash disco hits VOl. 1 . In 1991 I released my third album ''SONDHELA''

My favorite Genre of music is Soul,Reggae,Blues,Rock And Jazz
But my music now is a mixture of Soul and Reggae
And i title my music now "Soul Reggae"

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Jackson REED

2015-08-26 11:17:04
Love and peace to you all, Jah Rastafari . Bless up, spead hope and preach LOVE. Yeah man

Jackson REED

2015-05-17 19:12:02
Jah gave his life for us to continue with his work of LOVE and PEACE.

Jackson REED

2015-03-13 10:18:17
Love and peace to you all, Jah Rastafari . Bless up

Jackson REED

2015-03-02 09:01:30
Thank you guys for your support and wish you all the best on this great journey . Jah guide, peace

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-02-20 04:39:07
Hi Jackson, thankyou for helping us build our numbers so we can launch the competition. Great song and awesome voice

Jackson REED

2015-02-19 20:44:45
Hello Sir / Madam for the opportunity to participate in this great event , the Million Dollar Riff competition .
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