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Patna, India

Blair Sangeet Constance is a Music Composer, Programmer, Synth Sound Designer, Drummer. His Musical style are EDM, House, Trance, Euro, Pop, Gothic Industrial, EBM, Darkwav, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electronica, World, Fusion, etc. He has Composed, Arranged & Programmed over 500 songs, a professional musical journey which started in 1991-92 when he was in school.

Currently he is composing for a Hindi Horror Musical Movie for Bollywood.

He is also going to write a Musical English Movie along with his Music under the guidance of a Major Hollywood Film Producer. And later a spin off Tv series related to the Movie.

Blair's aim is to create good Compositions with high EMOTIONAL VALUE using state of the art modern technology !

Blair's compositions are very-very MELODIC, some of the best you can get for any project whether Film, T.v, Commercials or any thing else. If used by Pop artists his compositions will certainly get them an award and bring COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.


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