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Artist :: Wired Chill

Rock Pop Blues

Berlin, Germany

Wired Chill is a brand new band from Berlin, founded by SmilaZ, Andre E and Andrzej in Germany.
The band has just recorded a Demo of 6 new songs (currently posted on Soundcloud).
The base genre of Wired Chill is Rock music, and the songs are fun. There is a touch of blues and a slight bit of funky vibe.
SmilaZ is the singer and songwriter of Wired Chill, who was globetrotting as a show-dancer for some years, and has a background in music and musical theater.
Andre E is a skilled guitarplayer and a musician all his life. He spent some time playing in LA, after which he moved back home to Berlin where he has been working with musical instruments for a living. Andrzej is a brilliant bass player and also working in the musical instruments sector.


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 10:16:48
Wow sounds cool! Well done 3.5/5

Wired Chill

2015-03-01 14:14:25
Okay ,-) Done :-D
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