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Artist :: Paul Mulligan


Galway, Ireland

"A talented and sensitive songwriter - Mulligan plays excellent acoustic guitar backed up by a bevy of capable musicians -The music inhabits the territory between Hank Williams, James Taylor and Christy Moore, painting an aural picture of personal angst without touching the hell realms of Damien Rice et al."
Keith Fitton-Rock and Reel magazine

"Mulligan brings his easy, story-telling into a predominately acoustic musical setting that draws subtly on both his native Irish tradition and the American country influences that one might associate with Prine. Of his fellow countrymen, Mulligan is probably closest in style to Christy Hennessy in both the personal, reflective nature of his lyrics and the delicate, sensitive delivery of his vocals. Strong Friend is a beautifully understated collection of dreams gone by and the usual unrest with everyday life. The songs are both penned and delivered with poise and sensitivity, asking the right questions and tugging at the right heartstrings."

Don't be fooled by the sweetness of the music, folks... this guy's lyrics have teeth! Frances Dutton, Blu FM, Australia


Vilelmini Katsi

2015-05-17 15:34:28
Very good music!


2015-03-11 05:29:13
I'm so glad to meet a songwriter who throws his heart & soul into his songs. Makes me a happier man. :)
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