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Artist :: Phil Middleton

Blues Soul R&B

Manchester, United Kingdom 


Phil Middleton is a name that is recognised by his peers as an established singer, songwriter.

Born in Moss side, Manchester, he has collaborated with many well known artists over his long and eventful career
in the music industry.
His ability as a guitarist and vocalist have enabled him to play with artists from almost all genres of music.
To name a few, such as Sad Cafe (one of Manchester's most successful bands), John Cooper Clark
( Punk Poet playing his first EP), Doreen Edwards (Singer with Simply Red).

Phil Middleton has been a musician by vocation since getting his first guitar at aged 11.
He has toured the UK and Europe being part of a band or fronting his own band.
He is an accomplished Songwriter, Singer and Guitarist.
Phil says 'I love to sing more than anything, at first the guitar was a vehicle that enabled me to sing by myself,
but like most things associated with music, I've become hopelessly addicted!'
He is now pursuing a solo career and writing songs with specific artists in mind ( As well as for himself, of course).

He has played most of the major venues in the UK either as a band player or fronting his own band.
At the present he is playing mainly solo gigs doing a mixture of original song and covers arranged in his own unique

From the many songs he has written, he has released an album 'SoFa So GooD' which you can hear/buy on itunes,
He is due to release another entitled 'Rainbows without rain' in 2016.

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