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Istanbul, Turkey

Alper KUL started his first music studies and experiences at the age of 13.
His years at Italian High School contributed very much for his first understanding western music styles and characteristics. He took his first music courses from Mrs. Elizabetta Di Stefano.
Then after several years passed to his first Yamaha Keyboard PSS 680. At 1991 he took first electronic keyboard courses from very famous Turkish composer Melih Kibar's production which named MELKI PRODUCTION.
1994 was the critical year for Alper KUL because of starting first sythesizer works with its Roland D 10. He composed lots of music between 1994-1998.
10 years later he started again to the music, this time with a very developed Yamaha DGX 630 Portable Grand Piano.
Meanwhile he started to work with Steinberg Cubase programming and he is trying to experience other MIDI capabilities.
At 2009 he composed and produced the music of “KAMER FOUNDATION DOCUMENTARY FILM” soundtracks.
The idea of KAMER was born at the peak of violence during 1993-95. It was officially founded in 1997 and continued to grow and strengthen in the following years. Currently they are trying to expand their activities that are ongoing in the 23 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia to districts, villages, and remote neighborhoods.They are now thousands of women.
He is admirer of Japan and Japanese people. Thats why he will release A TRIBUTE TO JAPAN “KONNICIHIWA AKACHAN” album at 2011-2012.
Alper KUL at 2015 released twp albums from Spotify, Amazon and i-tunes platforms. The albums are: "Meltem Mother" and "New Life".

For further information about his music and online sales please visit the below links: - i tunes - new life - i tunes - meltem mother - Spotify - New Life


Vilelmini Katsi

2015-05-09 03:20:28
Very nice music!
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