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Artist :: Ross Royce

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Wellington, New Zealand


Ross Royce is a Singer/Songwriter/ Multi-Instrumentalist originally from Wellington, New Zealand and now based in Melbourne, Australia.

Self taught in Drums , Guitar , Keyboards and vocalising Ross has established himself as one of the most exciting Unsigned singer/songwriters in the music World!

Ross recently explained " I have symphonys and orchestra's flowing through my head with a big bass and drum's and have dream's of creating a rock album in an operatic sense with no boundary's on time or loudness !"

Ross has built up a strong fanbase and with a cracking band its only a matter of time..

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Ross Royce has been to the U.S twice which included performances at the prestigious 'South By South West' music festival in Austin,Texas in 2009 and a headlining performance with his band at the famous Whiskey a GoGo in Los Angeles in 2010.

To date they have had airplay on 32 U.S college radio stations as well as key alternative radio stations Worldwide!

The Ross Royce song 'We Can Win' was recently featured on ESPN College Football "Plays Of the Week ".

Also the Ross Royce song 'Life Worth Living' was featured on the show "Combat Hospital" ('Triage' Episode-12) in Canada and the U.S in 2011 , the show averaged 1.5million viewers in Canada and 3.94 million viewers in the U.S.


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