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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Electronic Blue (Joe Campbell), keyboard player, synthesist, composer, producer, musician, I am a UK artist based out of Dubai.
A lifelong musician, but I have been composing and producing music as Electronic Blue since early 2008 as a solo artist.
Interested in collaborations (as composer or player) so feel free to message here .... thanks!

The new hit album 'Reflections' by Electronic Blue is available now on iTunes and all major download stores worldwide:

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Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 09:12:33
Wow greta tunes going on in here Awesome - drop me a note if you ever need trumpet? definitely 4/5 on melodic and music arrangement in here! Well done!

Electronic Blue

2015-06-19 13:52:05
Thanks, much appreciated!

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-06-19 00:08:02
Thanks EB, you have some nice sounds going on.

Electronic Blue

2015-06-16 09:12:03
Just uploaded a music video 'Experiment 1' ...
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