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Artist :: Percy Way

Sheffield, United Kingdom

The heat, energy and density seething in Percy Way’s music (and personality) is probably explained by the fact that he was born at the foot of a volcano on an island.
Little has been said about this singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, a highly developed creative talent and an artist at heart.
After back staging for 70’s artists such as Meat Loaf, The Romantics, Black Foot or Molly Hatchet, he has been involved in a variety of projects over the years (2 solo albums, record producer (300000+ CD copies before the age of streaming music), scoring soundtracks for commercials, museums and short movies, studio musician, music for theater plays, a hit cover song in Paris in 2003, and acting in commercials and theater plays).
He has finally recently decided to take the reins entirely of his new solo project: writing, recording, mixing and producing, bringing the songs into “a more intimate focus”, as well as directing the music video of his brand new single “In my dreams”. “Every experience, no matter how great or small along my evolutionary path has influenced my development and brought me to my current state of being”, he explains.
As if written in his DNA, a strong will to work for a better world in a realistic way is also reflected in his music, his link to humanity, and some musical projects he’s been involved with till now.
A true survivor and a builder, highly imaginative and quick witted, backed by years of varied artistic endeavors and experiences, his love of great work has made him a real foundation for every project he’s been involved with, in great enthusiasm.
Enormously sensitive and aware, Way mesmerizes on stage as he has the gift gab to capture your attention.
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