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Budapest (Hungary), Ireland

Hi, I'm Damien Dockery, drummer, songwriter and founder of BackFoot. David Zalinian is the vocalist, and for the recordings Pál Hanula recorded the tracks in his home studio, and also played bass guitar, electric guitar, and some keyboards. I'm Irish, David is Armenian, Pál is Hungarian, and we all live in Budapest, Hungary.
When I met David he had a Queen tribute band, who were looking for a drummer, and I joined them for a short while on an interim basis. By then I had started to write my own songs, and wanted to record them. David offered to help, and while making enquiries about recording facilities, Pál was recommended to me. When I met Pál, he told me he could play bass, guitar, and keyboards on the recordings, and so we began from there.
I think the interesting thing about the album is that it doesn't reflect just one musical genre – it's a completely mixed bag. My influences span funk, Latin, pop/rock, and soul, Dave maybe more contemporary pop & rock, electronic, and dance, and Pál spans everything from funk, rock, metal, gospel, drum & bass, dub-step, dance / trance,...., it's pretty wide ranging. Overall we're happy with how the album worked out.
If there is a good reaction to the album, the next step would be to bring in additional band members to complete a full live band line-up. Pál was involved for the studio recordings but will not be a member of the project moving forward. In any case though, we will still need musicians to comprise the full line-up for concerts and tours.
Then we will probably look at recording a new album with creative input from all band members.
The BackFoot musical journey is only just starting though, and we hope there will be lots of big accomplishments ahead of us :-)

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2015-08-07 10:32:43
Here is a selection of songs from the album 'Running Behind Time'. You can listen to the full album on the band website,
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