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Artist :: Neil Wise

Rock Reggae Country Folk

St Leonards, Victoria, Australia

Taste in music, like wine, is in the realm of the beholder.. from rapturous love to ho-hum to complete abhorrence. Craving influences from within and without, Australian music & culture has always been a melting pot of its indigenous, immigrant and convict origins and the blend of British and American inputs over many years. Neil Wise reflects this unique heritage in his lyrical stories and instantly engaging melodies. Familiar yet unique, his songs contain a blend of the soil in which his music grew.. the wind and the sun, and an irreverent view of the world beyond his island home.

Songs from the Edge of Middle Road (2013)
Life’s journey, as far as I can tell, is not predetermined by our DNA. If you are fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to make your own choices in life, there are many interesting paths to explore. Fortuitously I found my way to to a unique & immensely gifted guy called Todd Smallwood in a small town in SoCal, where Steve McQueen used to occasionally open up the throttle somewhere out on Middle Road. Hope you enjoy my songs, looking on from the edge..... No Borders Studio, Santa Paula CA 2011-2013

Fight Fair (2010)
Fight Fair is a collection of 12 engaging songs that cover a range of musical genres and emotions in an acoustic feel. They are songs that sound familiar, but still fresh & vibrant. Occasionally touching a nerve, raising an eyebrow or a smile or perhaps have you singing along after the first chorus. The haunting pulsing bass of opening track, “Save my soul,” to the deep darkness & reggae groove “The Happy Song” or the Beatlesque love song “Being with you”, exquisite production by Paul Norton highlights the lyrical and melodic beauty of these tunes that will infiltrate your fabric. With backing vocals from Mr Norton & the divine Miss Wendy Stapleton, you have an irresistible mix that will captivate from the first listen.

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