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The story of "The Semiautos" is an intriguing one.The bands initial debut album "1967"was never released.Recorded in 1966/67 with producer Andy Warhol.Its rumoured he had the only surviving copy."1967"is regarded by Andy Warhol as the greatest Love/Concept album of all time and always will be.He likens the song "Femme Fatale"to the Velvet Underground and Nicos "Femme Fatale"as lyrically on par and if not better.Its rumoured one night Lou reed in a drunken drug fuelled rage destroyed the only existing studio recording therefore leading to the album never being released.The majority of the songs were recorded with dual vocals, giving them a unique sound and seperating them from the crowd of a standard outfit..With the death of Andy Warhol the "1967" album was never found.A movie about the whole ideal of a band called "The Semiautos" was put on hold until the recordings could be located.Lou reed was questioned in an interview about the band but denied any knowledge of them ...further resulting in the their fork lore and mystery status.Only Merc and Jude are rumoured to be alive today and living in privacy, out of the public eye supported by wealth from Andy Warhol before he died and the likes of Lou Reed ,who according to Andy was always in debt to The Semiautos for his play in it all..One of the only other things known about the Album is Merc was married, but with his marriage on the rocks fell in love with a woman named Alex.After 3 months Merc went back to his wife one night confused.But realising straight away it was Alex he was in love with he tried to win her heart back, reaching out to her through the music and producing one of the greatest albums ever made.Merc and Alex are rumoured to be living in Paris, but have never been located, and so the story continues and puts this band into one of the great mysteries of Rock and Roll.


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 09:01:50
She's Like Ecstasy - great catchy tune there! Well done! 4/5
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