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Melbourne, Australia 

I make music, but it's that "other" kind of music. The kind that's not popular and probably never will be. I don't say this to get empathy or to make myself appear to be isolated and underground. It's just not typical. I hope you enjoy it, am not offended if you dislike it, and will make it regardless.

Also what music isn't "world music". Unless it's made in space, I've never heard music not of this world. There's the somewhat horrifying possibility that apart from this world, there isn't music anywhere else in the universe, but I doubt that.

It's 4:20 AM, enough rambling from me.


Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-09-01 00:01:30
A question, does a Sloth do his best work at night? I agree what is World Music, i think we need to change that name, do you have a suggestion? We are here to encourage your freedom to express. What about "Curved Music" that will raise an eyebrow :)
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