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Southern California, United States

Blacken Light started out as a Solo Project Idea, then I began writing Music/Lyrics/Songs in 2011. I Am Dedicating this Musical project to the Memory Of My Little Brother, Best Friend and former Band Mate Carl {R.I.P.} I have been in other Bands, {Most notably The Metal Band Salient for five years} but have decided to go the solo route this time around for two main reasons: Creative flexibility and less Drama. I am trying to shed light on topics that either Interest me or Greatly Disturb me, with my own Dark Angle. Hence the Hybrid Name: Blacken Light \m/


Blacken Light

2016-06-18 22:01:36
Just uploaded the Link to My New Music Video "Sunlight and Shadows" please check it out and share/re-post the link, thanks \m/

Blacken Light

2016-01-09 16:40:20
Please checkout My New Song "Sunlight and Shadows" about the extremes of Man's existence and the struggles between

Blacken Light

2015-09-16 17:38:12
Please checkout My New Music Video "I Am Meth" about the Horror of Crystal Meth dependency

Blacken Light

2015-09-07 18:05:24
Please give My Music a listen and checkout My YouTube Channel, Comment/Like and Subscribe?
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