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Artist :: Ash Archer

Rock Pop Country

Melbourne, Australia

Many people share the view that some people are just born to entertain. There are those with the performer’s blood running through their veins, those who were just made to share their sound with as many people as people.
That is exactly what you will get from Ash Archer, one of Melbourne’s most driven and charismatic upcoming acts.
In 2014, Ash completed his debut album, ‘Ride Like The Wind’, working with some of Australia’s brightest artists, including Taxiride’s Tim Watson and Bachelor Girl’s Tania Doko. Songs including “Let It Burn”, “Thursday The 21st”, “I (Black Eyes)” and the title track “Ride Like The Wind” have gone on to become staples live, and are played regularly on radio throughout Victoria and abroad, perfectly catching Ash’s musical and composing ability in a captivating 14 tracks.
In 2015, Ash embarked on the Ride Like The Wind Tour, which saw him perform onstage for 40 dates in 2 months, performing to thousands across Victoria. While on the road, he recorded the “More To Us” EP, dedicated to Beyond Blue and championing the causes of those suffering from mental illness.
During his amazing journey, Ash has won many awards, including State Finalist for the international Emergenza Festival, People’s Choice Winner in the Young Talent Quest, Runner Up for the solo males in Search For Pearls, Grand Finalist at the Espy Artist Showdown, and won the 2008 Wyndham Cultural Awards, as well as placing as a grand finalist 9 times consecutively.
With over 18,000 followers on Facebook and over 75,000 Youtube hits, Ash is regularly active with fans on the internet, where he boasts a massive following around the world. This just shows how Ash has become more successful each year, and is well on the way to achieving his dream of sharing music with millions every day.

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