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Mornington peninsula, Australia

Created before time itself throughout the vast vacuums of space, these highly compressed atoms took form into three highly trained musical samurai that have one sole purpose to for-fill on this great rock we call mother earth, to create a toe tapping, hip swinging, head bopping rhythmic sequence that can systematically decrease the baggage of carrying ones ego and leave the listeners free of the confines of mind.

The barefoot Sunday's are a three piece band that consists of the pseudo sane Thom Higgins on the guitar and vocals, the mesmerizing Karl Evan on the bass guitar and mike Gow the human metronome.

these three have all had a vast background in musical conquests and have brought each of their skills together to create the real original barefoot experience.

Based primarily off the Mornington peninsula the barefoot Sunday's are ready, set and going to tackle the Australian music scene before conquering the universe from which they came from. Hang on, hold tight and get ready for the one, the only The barefoot Sunday's

Tracks by TheBarefootSundays

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