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Artist :: Mantracoda


Adelaide, Australia

Mantracoda is going from strength to strength following the release of their latest LP entitled "Door to Amaze." They have been described as alternative folk rock, acoustic metal, adult contemporary kickback space lounge, highway cruisers and soundtrack instrumentalists for the journey through your life and countless other things. Likened to artists like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, John Butler, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey and many more, Mantracoda's live performances deliver energy and passion that is woven throughout their album 'Door to Amaze.' They are currently planning an Australian tour whilst constantly working on new material, their Art and a series of paintings, photography and videography inspired by the LP that their recorded at Dale Street Studios in Port Adelaide. Go to their web site for down loads, info, artwork and hand signed merch available through their Facebook link on the site.



2016-03-24 00:23:47 for band info, Facebook links and all the rest on what we're doing....
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