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Artist :: Lance W Toohey

Melbourne, Australia

Hi guys/gals....I'm an Aussie based lyricist (currently in Melbourne) who is always on the lookout for good music collabs. I write mainly Country/Blues/Ballads but will dabble in most genres.
I am extremely lucky to count Max T Barnes (Nashville Songwriter and Producer) as a buddy and Max has been my "mentor" for the last few years, helping me enormously in my endeavors to write top songs. Also Max listens to all works I send him, so anyone who collabs with me can be assured our works will be heard by one of the tops in their field.
I am now writing full time so any collab who is interested in chatting to me MUST be a writer who is totally committed to his/her writing.
I am writing for only one outcome....commercial. If you feel your music is NOW ( Country) and you really want to try to reach the commercial market, give me a call....
Together we'll give it our best...;)

I'd also like to acknowledge the great work of Mason Douglas who has demoed these first 11 songs I submitted here. His professionalism and his ability with both vocals and music has been such a help to me...thanks mate!


Mark Gardner

2018-04-23 07:55:49
Wow nice songs here Lance ! 4/5 Awesome! Really dig "Angel"

Lance W Toohey

2016-05-14 23:07:06
thankyou Marilyn, truly appreciated.....xox

Marilyn Oakley

2016-05-14 17:15:02
Hey Lance, Enjoying your songs. Really like your country tunes. Great job! Awesome songwriting my friend. Keep it up. xo Marilyn

Lance W Toohey

2016-05-13 01:57:24
Hi guys/gals....i'm a song lyricist from Australia. Currently living in Melbourne I am always on the lookout for more music collaborators. If you are into Country/Ballads/Blues etc please leave a message for me and i'll be intouch. I'm new to this site and am still finding my way around, so please be patient if I don't get back straight away.
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