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Artist :: Giustino Costagliola



Singer-songwriter, a producer and a guitarist. He throws his ideas into his "blender" and out comes a mix of pop/electronic music. His creative process is like reverse engineering, translating the emotions into songs and sounds. The full sound production fills his head and he gets busy transferring it into a recording. Born in southern Italy , by the time he was 18 years old, he began writing songs and for him the artistic life and process has mostly been working as a solo artist. Giustino performs singing and playing guitar and synth, while shifting between upbeat electronic atmospheres and beats. The song "It took a long time" was official finalist of the 2015 Hollywood Songwriting Contest category Unsigned artists and Semi-finalist In the 2015 Song of the Year Competition . Now based in Oslo, Norway , where he records in his personal music studio.


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