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Gig :: The Strong of Hope Festival (Mental Health Week)

A Gig By Emily Daye


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  • 10/10/2015 (Saturday) at 14:00
  • Doncaster, Australia 
  • 687 Doncaster Rd
  • AU$0.00
  • Emily Daye
  • Pop Folk
  • The purpose of this youth-run festival is to promote mental wellbeing for local young people; by providing a range of positive mental health activities and launching the String of Hope website. Activities include sport and recreation, music, art and sharing stories of hope. The website has been created by young people to share positive mental health strategies, encourage open discussion of mental illness and support for people experiencing mental illness. The event will promote the String of Hope to the wider community, encouraging young people and their families to address mental illness openly and proactively.