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Studio :: Witzend Studios

Million Dollar Riff Studio

Fremantle, Australia

Witzend Studio has a good sized live room and plenty of space to set up. The studio is equipped with an automated mixing console and a full range of rack equipment. Recording is via a 2 x TASCAM 24 track digital hard disk recorders, with a 16 track analogue recorder available. All recorders can be synchronised together if required.
Alan Dawson, Sound Engineer; Started recording local music with a hand held recorder in 1972, Has been running Witzend studios since the early 1980’s, and has recorded thousands of acts. Worked as a live sound engineer since the mid 1980’s toured with many acts as front of house, fold-back engineer and system engineer.
Musician; Currently singing and playing bass with "Empire Blues", previously played with "Heads We're Dancing" and many many other acts. Has been playing live shows since 1975.
Radio presenter; Founding and Life member of Radio Fremantle 107.9fm (previously 100 fm), Was technician during test broadcasts in 1985-86, and has been presenting the "Twilight Zone" (only local Western Australian Music) since the station went to air in 1987.


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