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Million Dollar Riff Studio

Toronto, Canada

Toronto recording studio Fandango Recording is a recording, mixing, mastering, music production, sound restoration, forensic audio and online music services professional recording studio. Fandango Recording Toronto’s landmark is the creative, comfortable, warm and cozy atmosphere in a world-class blend of exceptional high-end analog and state of the art digital equipment.
I started Fandango Recording Toronto back in 1998 because of my love for music and sound. Over the years, I’ve kept investing in the studio, getting to the point where the acoustics and the blending of analog and digital equipment I put together provides the best possible quality.
Fandango Recording Toronto caters mostly to the independent and unsigned musicians, indie acts, bands and songwriters who are talented and creative. Fandango Recording is helping these artists offering music production, recording, mixing, mastering, singer / songwriter demos and song production and custom beats at the highest standards of quality so the musicians can have a product that can compete with the major label releases. Fandango Recording Toronto offers also professional sound restoration, forensic audio , online mixing and mastering and video transfer.
For more info about the studio, videos and pictures, a blog regarding music promotion and download the free and extremely useful e-book "The Musician Guide To Music Production" please visit the studio website.


Seven Mile Scream

2015-12-16 13:40:46
Awesome I would love to work with you. I have done sessiom work with Mike Roshelle bassist and producer for Stevie Wonder and Micheal Jackson. I have over 30 yrs exp thank you
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